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See Change Clearly Book and Background by Jacob Green

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A promotion, budget cuts, rapid growth, new initiatives, demanding personnel issues–these are just some of the challenges found in the workplace. Facing adversity is the common human experience, yet it can cut you down if you’re not ready to tackle it head-on. Fortunately, there are ways to stay calm and focused and build a powerful team while you’re navigating the chaos.

What does recovering from a traumatic brain injury and workplace change management have in common? Find out as Jacob offers valuable tips and tactics that will enable you to assess and handle obstacles as you adjust smoothly to whatever change is coming your way.

In See Change Clearly, Jacob helps you leverage adversity for a positive outcome and create an authentic workplace culture as you show up for your team every day, whether you are on the front line of your organization or at the helm.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Jacob did a fabulous job presenting his story at our offsite…genuine, passionate, authentic. He made a powerful impression on so many from the Barbie team…myself included.”
Evelyn Mazzocco
SVP & Global Brand General Manager
Barbie - Mattel, Inc.
“I have received numerous comments, all pretty much saying the same thing: BEST. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER. EVER. In the history of commencements… We laughed, we cried, we were moved… You are nominated to be our permanent speaker.”
Elizabeth Hoppe, OD, MPH, DrPH
Founding Dean, College of Optometry
Western University of Health Sciences
“Jacob’s compelling story of hope and resiliency was an inspiring message that provided an invaluable perspective to our audience of health care professionals.”
Dr. Michael A. Lobatz, MD
Vice President of Medical Affairs
Medical Director, Scripps Rehabilitation Center

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