"Best investment of my career. Our team at ADP is still talking about the impact Jacob made on all of us.  He gave us a significant booster shot and equipped us with so many tools and resources to take our company to the next level.  We can't wait to bring him back!”
Mary Nelipovich
Vice President, Global Portfolio Management Office
LA Chamber of Commerce Logo
"Jacob and his entire team hit it out of the park. He took so much time in the months leading up to our event to speak with our staff and learn about the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. His keynote and workshop was customized to our exact needs and he was universally embraced by every level of our organization, from the very top to our front line staff. Weeks later we are still referring to his tools to help us through organizational challenges. We look forward to a long partnership."
Julie Salinas
Director, Human Resources
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
“Jacob did a fabulous job presenting his story at our offsite…genuine, passionate, authentic. He made a powerful impression on so many from the Barbie team…myself included.”
Evelyn Mazzocco
SVP & Global Brand General Manager
Barbie - Mattel, Inc.
"We invited Jacob to our military hospital to speak about resiliency. Jacob's visit occurred just as COVID-19 concerns were starting to become mainstream and we are glad he spoke with our healthcare team before the epidemic hit locally. He did a great job connecting with our healthcare workers as he shared his story and life lessons. I saw some people become misty-eyed as he made an emotional connection, and I heard other people referring to their "sunglasses" and "superpowers" long after he left. I would definitely have Jacob speak again in the future. He is a gifted speaker and he was very professional from pre-booking through the day of the event. "
C. Scott Hughes, FACHE, FHFMA
Commander, 99th Medical Support Squadron
United States Air Force
“I would highly recommend Jacob Green as a Keynote Speaker, motivational expert and an …all-around fantastic colleague to work with. Jacob was hired as our Keynote Speaker in early 2019. After spending time with us, both in person and remote, to learn our audience and expectations, Jacob tailored his message and delivered an incredible keynote presentation that brought our audience to tears. Following his presentation, Jacob spent time with the audience members individually, having 1:1 conversations, connecting on personal levels, exchanging emails, and truly …making a difference in their lives. What an incredible keynote to be able to do this with audience members he just met. No surprise that Jacob was in …high demand from our attendees for our next conference and we brought him back a few months later to re-address our group - once again, bringing extreme emotion to the room, …speaking deeply to each audience member. Even those who had seen him earlier in the year were excited to see him again and were moved each time. This speaks wonders. Jacob’s story is genuine and honest, he makes a connection with you and ensures that is illustrated back out to the audience. Jacob cares deeply about each of his clients, ensuring that his message will be received well by the audience. He learns about the client company, researches the client audience, and …delivers the most deliberate and personal exchange on stage."
Ilana Thombs
Manager, Professional Affairs & Events
“Your talk to staff moved them and created a great environment that encouraged them to share in an unusually open way. Your talk…gave Nittany Eye a blueprint for the future. We consider your speaker fees as more of an investment that will pay for itself many times over. We would love to have you back in the future.”
Dr. Michael Cymbor, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Owner, Nittany Eye Associates
“Jacob’s compelling story of hope and resiliency was an inspiring message that provided an invaluable perspective to our audience of health care professionals.”
Dr. Michael A. Lobatz, MD
Vice President of Medical Affairs
Medical Director, Scripps Rehabilitation Center
“I attended Jacob Green’s presentation, “Seeing Change Clearly”, on three occasions. He continues to inspire me and everyone in the in the audience with his positive message of how we affect others. The story of his life and experiences with those he credits as helping him in his journey is remarkable. Jacob is a charismatic speaker who explains how many people have helped make it possible for him to enjoy a meaningful career. Audiences have been deeply attentive, leaving with the conviction that people are inherently good, and they will always strive, in various ways, to better themselves. He inspires us to see when life throws a curve, we should roll with it and work hard to be the best we can be. Challenges may arise, but one can overcome any hurdle with the right attitude and with the support of humankind.”
Carolyn E. Richard, ARM
General Manager
“Through his experience Jacob has captured a key truth in life….’it’s not fair.’ By sharing his journey he helps people climb out of the mire of difficult circumstance and adapt a healthy perspective so they can take personal and organizational responsibility for how they choose to move ahead in life and renew their passion for the mission. After Jacob’s training at our call center, we noticed improved alignment with leadership and our organization’s vision, stronger team cohesion, and an even higher commitment to serving the public and each other.”
Mike Bell
24/7 CONFIRE Public Safety Call Center
“Jacob Green was the keynote speaker for our JD Edwards Southern California User Group meeting, which had a mix of vendor attendees and customers of Oracle’s JDE software attendees, in different job disciplines and a leaning towards mostly functional IT folks. His story was inspiring, motivational and translated well to how adversity and diversity can be leveraged for business leadership success, in particular high performing teams. Attendees commented on how great it was to have a speaker like Jacob at our meeting. We would have him back again and I hope to see him at the larger conferences we go to as well”
Melissa Penfield
Dean, College of Graduate Nursing
Western University of Health Sciences
“Jacob understands that adversity and insecurity is a human experience; but he gives audiences the tools to leverage those into core competencies. I’ve seen Jacob present many times throughout the last ten years. Each time I’ve watched this very successful executive connect with all levels of the organization, and create a very moving and powerful experience for all in attendance. His delivery is high energy, insightful, creative, and full of practical solutions to personal and professional challenges that all levels of the organization can incorporate into their everyday work. Jacob is an expert at teaching others how to face personal and organizational crisis and leverage it as an opportunity.”
Chris Hughes
CEO at Aero Precision Engineering Inc. Los Angeles, CA
Board Certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Retired City Manager & Fire Chief
“The day after Dr. Jacob Green spoke to our group, the faculty and staff were a buzz about being inspired by the best speaker we have had in 12 years. His story inspired students, faculty, and staff alike. Staff is re-telling his story of tragedy and triumph and how it doesn’t matter what happens to you, all that matters is your response to being the best you can be and giving joy to each person you contact.”
Mary M. Lopez, PhD, MSN, RN
Dean, College of Graduate Nursing
Western University of Health Sciences
“Jacob Green is an inspirational and profound speaker. His presentation was entertaining and exciting, refreshing and relevant. He motivated us, gave us food for thought, challenged us, all the while he touched our hearts and brought a tear or two to our eyes.

Thank you, Jacob, for kicking off our conference in such an energizing way!”
Debra Hinz
EWC Director
“On behalf of SMG’s finance team, thank you for spending time with us at our National Finance meeting. This was the first time we have had a guest speaker so you can imagine my trepidation. Those fears vanished after our first phone call. From the first hello, I felt like I had reconnected with an old friend. Your comfortable demeanor and openness are obviously one of the assets that makes your talk so engaging. Preparing to speak for an hour to a group of accountants can feel like a daunting task! You, however, embraced the challenge, “researching” and gathering information about what makes a facility finance leader tick. You hit the mark. I have nothing but positive feedback. It was also an absolute pleasure to meet your manager, Nicole. She is charming, warm and kind all the while maintaining her professional persona and keeping to the job at hand. Your inspiring speech left some of us smiling, some thinking and others in tears. However, we all walked away impacted and changed. Thank you for sharing your story, your wisdom and your insight.”
Hope Parkin, CPA
Executive Director of Facility Accounting
SMG Worldwide Entertainment and Convention Venue Management
“Let me just start by saying that Jacob Green didn’t have an easy task. Far from it. He was expected to inspire 150 people from 8 different functions and levels that work in one of the most iconic brands of all times: Barbie. Oh, and he had to do that in the Ace Theater Downtown, a venue in which generations of artists such as Charlie Chaplin and Katy Perry have left their mark. Jacob, once again, overcame every obstacle and challenge and WOWed the audience by delivering a great message, in a really enthusiastic and relatable way and the best part, completely tailored to the event’s goal and theme. He was acclaimed by many as the best part of the event and is now an extremely valuable Mattel partner.”
Andrea Schalka
Manager Strategy & Finance
Barbie – Mattel, Inc.
“It was a pleasure to work with Jacob. He was professional in all his interactions and very responsive to communications. He was also diligent about learning more about our company, the culture, and the needs of the audience so that he could deliver a presentation that was on target. The presentation itself was well-received. Jacob was described by our senior executives as high energy, with a powerful story and strong delivery.”
Candice M. Yorke
Director, Talent Management, Human Resources
Hyundai Capital America
“Jacob has been a regular guest speaker for Master of Occupational Therapy students at the University of St. Augustine. He truly inspires the students by speaking from the heart regarding his personal journey of recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Jacob creates an open environment by sharing both therapeutic and personal experiences he encountered following his injury. The students gain valuable insight into how a traumatic brain injury can cause chaos and change life trajectories, but learn how the human spirit and motivation overcome and lead you on the right path.”
Jennie DiGrado, OTD, OTR/L, C/NDT
Occupational Therapist, Assistant Professor
University of St. Augustine, San Marcos, California
“Jacob Green has been given the gift of adversity, experiencing a devastating head injury and a debilitating disease at an early age. Most people would have folded, but Jacob has only become stronger and better. His message is one of hope, meaning, and purpose. I have worked with some of the most celebrated and inspirational speakers in the business, including Ken Blanchard, Dennis Waitley, Mike Vance, Meg Wheatley, and Steven Covey. None have had more impact than Jacob Green and no one does a better job of connecting with his audience. Jacob provides a wonderful combination of message and messenger. His story is simply unforgettable.”
Bill Halamandaris
Author, Co-Founder and Chairman, Heart of America Foundation
Washington, DC
“We have received nothing but outstanding feedback from our attendees about Jacob Green. They have called his keynote inspiring and very motivating! Jacob took the time to interview some of our members in advance of the conference. Those calls and advance research allowed him to relate to our audience in an incredibly impactful way.”
Cori Pickwick
IDOC Member
Events Manager
LA Chamber of Commerce Logo
"Jacob’s contribution to the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Staff retreat was impactful, inspiring, and, truly motivating. We learned how all of us, when we embrace change, breakthrough barriers."
Maria S. Salinas
President & CEO
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
“Jacob Green is truly a presentation professional who has carefully developed his ability to connect with his audience and generate a level of energy that builds throughout the presentation. His preparation for the presentation to address the specific needs for our keynote speech was impeccable and spot on. He listened and heard what we needed, and he delivered a presentation beyond our expectations with passion, humor and unquestionable sincerity. He created a positive experience based on a story of triumph and gratitude that reminded our audience why they do what they do every day and the critical importance of their professional roles. Jacob kick-started the energy at our conference, which lasted throughout the event!.”
Victoria Maker Sparhawk
Director of Marketing
Argus West Investigative Services
“I have received numerous comments, all pretty much saying the same thing: BEST. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER. EVER. In the history of commencements… We laughed, we cried, we were moved… You are nominated to be our permanent speaker.”
Elizabeth Hoppe, OD, MPH, DrPH
Founding Dean, College of Optometry
Western University of Health Sciences
“Jacob Green is an exceptional speaker in that his warmth, clarity, and approachability allow him to connect well and immediately with his audience. The content of his message is organized and inspirational and gives each listener a way to frame and describe their own experience. Within the context of our acquired brain injury program, we have adopted many of his terms, including “pivot” and “Do-Over Days”
Heike Kessler-Heiberg, M.A., SLP-CCC
Associate Professor
San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education
“Jacob was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. He met with us about what we hoped to accomplish in our meeting and gathered other information about our organization, such as our mission, vision, and values, and worked all that into his presentation. On the day of the event, Jacob engaged with our staff both prior to and after his presentation. I really appreciated how he “worked the room” to help ensure that his message was properly targeted and addressed any feedback he received. We received many positive comments about Jacob and his message from our staff. His participation in our event was a positive, motivating, and uplifting experience for us all.”
Joe Moore
Director, IT Services
Office of the Auditor General | State of Arizona
"Jacob’s passion and enthusiasm motivated our entire organization. Time spent with him renewed our focus on the reason our organization exists, to help others see their best. Our investment in Jacob has paid dividends in countless ways."
Dr. Michael Talone
Nittany Eye Associates
LA Chamber of Commerce Logo
"Jacob and his entire team hit it out of the park. .He took so much time in the months leading up to our event to speak with our staff and learn about the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. His keynote and workshop was customized to our exact needs and he was universally embraced by every level of our organization, from the very top to our front line staff. Weeks later we are still referring to his tools to help us through organizational challenges. We look forward to a long partnership."
Julie. Salinas
Director, Human Resources
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerc
“It has been my honor and pleasure to witness the transformation of Jacob Green from a bewildered, freshly injured young college student to a confident, articulate and eloquent brain injury survivor. Jacob is the rare patient that has overcome the debilitating and life-altering effects of traumatic brain injury. He has done this not just through sheer will, but also with hard work and calculated research and planning. When we first met, Jacob had to drop out of UC Berkeley as the residual effects of his assault had left him with, among others, impaired attention, memory, and concentration as well as visual deficits and horrendous migraines. He simply could not function and was lost. Enrolled in rehabilitation, Jacob dove in, absorbing everything—learning strategies to overcome or compensate for his deficits. He took initiative and researched novel ways to treat his visual difficulties which caused severe migraines, never giving up. He looked around, and not one to ever pity himself or wallow in the past, formulated a plan. If he couldn’t go back to Berkeley, he would attend UC Irvine, taking a class at a time until he had reached his goals. Along the way, he fought with Crohn’s disease and it’s pain, fell in love, got married, fought his wife’s cancer, started a family, and managed a city. As office life under fluorescent lighting and computers became too much for his migraines, Jacob once again developed a strategy and became an advocate for brain injury survivors, sharing his perspective and journey with professionals in the field. He was my guest lecturer at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Rehabilitation Grand Rounds and brought therapists and nurses to tears. His talk validated their efforts, his courage filled them with purpose, his story changed the way they see their patients. Years later, some in the audience still recall his visit fondly. Jacob Green puts a human and hopeful face on the topic of traumatic brain injury.”
Dr. Diemha Hoang, MD
Program Director of Traumatic Brain Injury at Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation
Board Certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Board Certification in Brain Injury Medicine, Long Beach, California