See Health Clearly

How Healthcare Professionals Can Restore Hope & Purpose for Patient Success

This keynote presentation explores the importance of discovering a patient’s motivations and interests, and leveraging those connections as the primary means of catapulting patient success during rehabilitation. Jacob will discuss the pivotal moments in his own brain injury rehabilitation process that enabled him to connect with his passions and ultimately become a high level executive helping run a $500 million dollar organization with 1200 employees.

After hearing this keynote, managers will:

  • See patients incorporate compensatory strategies faster and more effectively.
  • Help patients develop tools for a smoother rehabilitation journey.
  • Gain fresh compensatory strategies and skills to pass on to their patients.
  • Be reinvigorated with their new toolkit; helping them reconnect with the purpose behind their role as healthcare provider and healer.

This keynote can be delivered in a 50-60 minute ballroom format, or ask us about an expanded 2-4 hour workshop that will dive deeper into the myriad of tools and resources available to rehabilitation professionals to help them connect with patient success.

“Your talk to staff moved them and created a great environment that encouraged them to share in an unusually open way. Your talk…gave Nittany Eye a blueprint for the future. We consider your speaker fees as more of an investment that will pay for itself many times over. We would love to have you back in the future.”
Dr. Michael Cymbor, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Owner, Nittany Eye Associates


“It has been my honor and pleasure to witness the transformation of Jacob Green from a bewildered, freshly injured young college student to a confident, articulate and eloquent brain injury survivor. Jacob is the rare patient that has overcome the debilitating and life-altering effects of traumatic brain injury. He has done this not just through sheer will, but also with hard work and calculated research and planning. When we first met, Jacob had to drop out of UC Berkeley as the residual effects of his assault had left him with, among others, impaired attention, memory, and concentration as well as visual deficits and horrendous migraines. He simply could not function and was lost. Enrolled in rehabilitation, Jacob dove in, absorbing everything—learning strategies to overcome or compensate for his deficits. He took initiative and researched novel ways to treat his visual difficulties which caused severe migraines, never giving up. He looked around, and not one to ever pity himself or wallow in the past, formulated a plan. If he couldn’t go back to Berkeley, he would attend UC Irvine, taking a class at a time until he had reached his goals. Along the way, he fought with Crohn’s disease and it’s pain, fell in love, got married, fought his wife’s cancer, started a family, and managed a city. As office life under fluorescent lighting and computers became too much for his migraines, Jacob once again developed a strategy and became an advocate for brain injury survivors, sharing his perspective and journey with professionals in the field. He was my guest lecturer at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Rehabilitation Grand Rounds and brought therapists and nurses to tears. His talk validated their efforts, his courage filled them with purpose, his story changed the way they see their patients. Years later, some in the audience still recall his visit fondly. Jacob Green puts a human and hopeful face on the topic of traumatic brain injury.”
Dr. Diemha Hoang, MD
Program Director of Traumatic Brain Injury at Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation
Board Certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Board Certification in Brain Injury Medicine, Long Beach, California
“I have received numerous comments, all pretty much saying the same thing: BEST. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER. EVER. In the history of commencements… We laughed, we cried, we were moved… You are nominated to be our permanent speaker.”
Elizabeth Hoppe, OD, MPH, DrPH
Founding Dean, College of Optometry
Western University of Health Sciences
“Jacob Green is an exceptional speaker in that his warmth, clarity, and approachability allow him to connect well and immediately with his audience. The content of his message is organized and inspirational and gives each listener a way to frame and describe their own experience. Within the context of our acquired brain injury program, we have adopted many of his terms, including “pivot” and “Do-Over Days”
Heike Kessler-Heiberg, M.A., SLP-CCC
Associate Professor
San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education
“Jacob Green has been given the gift of adversity, experiencing a devastating head injury and a debilitating disease at an early age. Most people would have folded, but Jacob has only become stronger and better. His message is one of hope, meaning, and purpose. I have worked with some of the most celebrated and inspirational speakers in the business, including Ken Blanchard, Dennis Waitley, Mike Vance, Meg Wheatley, and Steven Covey. None have had more impact than Jacob Green and no one does a better job of connecting with his audience. Jacob provides a wonderful combination of message and messenger. His story is simply unforgettable.”
Bill Halamandaris
Author, Co-Founder and Chairman, Heart of America Foundation
Washington, DC