See Change Clearly

Conquering Change for Competitive Advantage

Are you in the midst of organizational change and need to inspire and energize your teams? Are you about to implement a major company-wide policy or technology that will require alignment? Are you seeking ways to help your top performers take their results to the next level and stick around through your company’s continued growth? If yes, we can help!

With this keynote, Jacob Green doesn’t aim to solely provide your team with motivation. High performers are already motivated. What they need is help with navigating a constantly evolving business world. Jacob provides powerful tools and tactics that make that navigation less daunting.

These resources were developed during Jacob’s own radical change; a journey back from a traumatic brain injury suffered at the hands of a violent criminal. Jacob’s motivation was tested daily when he was knocked down by life, just as most of your team has or will be. He was a changed man, complete with visual and cognitive impairments. Change couldn’t be ignored or willed away. The only choice? Embrace it!

This keynote will help executives fire up their best people and ready them for change. Teams walk away with Jacob’s tailor-made tools to face adversity. Hopefully no one in your company ever feels the punches of a vicious robber, but most will be tested by company restructuring, new technologies, unforeseen business competition, or life struggles. Those changes hurt – individuals and organizations. Jacob can empower both entities to embrace, then, overcome such changes.

After hearing this keynote, managers will:

  • See a fired-up team with the ability to protect that fire that is always threatened in today’s changing economy.
  • Have an authentic, fresh message to carry forward that will sustain…instead of being left to tired rallying cries.
  • See in real time engagement, the effects of Jacob’s impactful story on the audience.
  • Hear from individual staff how the talk sticks with them over the long term.
  • Enjoy the lower attrition rate of their best performers who no longer see change as something to avoid, but as something to clearly conquer.

This keynote is best in a 50-60 minute format for ultimate content delivery, but can be contracted or expanded based on the client’s needs. This format ensures a deep dive into the tools and resources available to supervisors, managers, and leaders. And of course, all formats are fully customized to your industry….that’s our specialty!

“We have received nothing but outstanding feedback from our attendees about Jacob Green. They have called his keynote inspiring and very motivating! Jacob took the time to interview some of our members in advance of the conference. Those calls and advance research allowed him to relate to our audience in an incredibly impactful way.”
Cori Pickwick​
IDOC Member
Events Manager


“Let me just start by saying that Jacob Green didn’t have an easy task. Far from it. He was expected to inspire 150 people from 8 different functions and levels that work in one of the most iconic brands of all times: Barbie. Oh, and he had to do that in the Ace Theater Downtown, a venue in which generations of artists such as Charlie Chaplin and Katy Perry have left their mark. Jacob, once again, overcame every obstacle and challenge and WOWed the audience by delivering a great message, in a really enthusiastic and relatable way and the best part, completely tailored to the event’s goal and theme. He was acclaimed by many as the best part of the event and is now an extremely valuable Mattel partner.”
Andrea Schalka
Manager Strategy & Finance
Barbie – Mattel, Inc.
“The day after Dr. Jacob Green spoke to our group, the faculty and staff were a buzz about being inspired by the best speaker we have had in 12 years. His story inspired students, faculty, and staff alike. Staff is re-telling his story of tragedy and triumph and how it doesn’t matter what happens to you, all that matters is your response to being the best you can be and giving joy to each person you contact.”
Mary M. Lopez, PhD, MSN, RN
Dean, College of Graduate Nursing
Western University of Health Sciences
“Jacob Green is an inspirational and profound speaker. His presentation was entertaining and exciting, refreshing and relevant. He motivated us, gave us food for thought, challenged us, all the while he touched our hearts and brought a tear or two to our eyes.

Thank you, Jacob, for kicking off our conference in such an energizing way!”
Debra Hinz
EWC Director
“Jacob Green is truly a presentation professional who has carefully developed his ability to connect with his audience and generate a level of energy that builds throughout the presentation. His preparation for the presentation to address the specific needs for our keynote speech was impeccable and spot on. He listened and heard what we needed, and he delivered a presentation beyond our expectations with passion, humor and unquestionable sincerity. He created a positive experience based on a story of triumph and gratitude that reminded our audience why they do what they do every day and the critical importance of their professional roles. Jacob kick-started the energy at our conference, which lasted throughout the event!.”
Victoria Maker Sparhawk
Director of Marketing
Argus West Investigative Services