Crisis Communications

Build systems, protocols, and technologies to prepare for and respond to organizational crisis.

How We Can Help

The team at Jacob Green and Associates has over 100 years of combined experience in developing tailored strategies and precision messaging to ensure communities stay well informed, have accurate context, and receive clear instruction during critical incidents.

Communications Strategy Starts Long Before Crisis Hits

Establishing and maintaining public trust is a crucial component of successful local government. Lack of a well-developed, comprehensive communications plan during a crisis compounds challenges and can compromise public trust when you need it most. Organizations cannot afford to react during a critical incident, they must respond with confidence and transparency to ensure community support.

Developing and delivering consistent messaging builds incremental trust with residents and local businesses. Highlighting outstanding service and daylighting the great work being accomplished daily to enhance safety and enrich lives provides a foundation for constructive engagement across communities.

Having a Well-Developed Communications Strategy is Key to Responding Effectively When Crisis Hits

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