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A promotion, budget cuts, rapid growth, new initiatives, demanding personnel issues–these are just some of the challenges found in the workplace. Facing adversity is the common human experience, yet it can cut you down if you’re not ready to tackle it head-on. Fortunately, there are ways to stay calm and focused and build a powerful team while you’re navigating through the chaos.

What does recovering from a traumatic brain injury and workplace change management have in common? Find out as Jacob offers valuable tips and tactics that will enable you to assess and handle obstacles as you adjust smoothly to whatever change is coming your way.

In See Change Clearly, Jacob helps you leverage adversity for a positive outcome and create an authentic workplace culture as you show up for your team every day, whether you are on the front line of your organization or at the helm.

Editorial Reviews of See Change Clearly

"Jacob's courage and resilience have inspired all who know him, encouraging action to bring about positive change. This is a book that will have a profound impact on you."
Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE
Founder, The Jane Goodall Institute
"I am floored by Jacob's tenacity, optimism, and dedication. This book--the way it's clearly written, how it strives to improve others, the lessons it wisely imparts--is a testament to Jacob's strength, his determination, and his wisdom."
Dr. Diemha T. Hoang, MD
"Hemingway said it best--'Life breaks us all, but afterwards many are stronger in the broken places.' Jacob's book a close second. Every obstacle he has overcome has made him stronger and wiser. This book and the lessons he has learned are a testament to power of the human spirit and abundant proof that life is what we make it."
Bill Halamandaris
Founder, Heart of America Foundation
"Whether you are a CEO or just beginning your professional journey, Jacob's guidance will help you break barriers and lead your teams to meaningful impact. He has helped so many, including myself, become better leaders."
Chris Hughes
CEO, Aero Precision Engineering, Inc. (Retired Fire Chief & City Manager)
"THE guide for building endurance and resiliency for the mind."
Dr. Jeffrey K. Bone, PhD
"The stories of Jacob's resilience and clear focus on the future serve as a great lesson for all of our future healthcare providers. Learning about Jacob's journey has caused me to be more sensitive to the individual's needs and has reminded me not to judge others from my narrow point of view. Jacob has also given me a greater sense of freedom to recognize and express my own personal needs. We all have something, and Jacob's message has helped me to be more compassionate towards others and more compassionate to myself."
Elizabeth Hoppe, OD, MPH, DrPH
Founding Dean, College of Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences
"In over forty years in government, I worked with hundreds of highly motivated, high-performing individuals, and Jacob is one of them. If the lessons he shares account, even in part, for his level of contributions, performance, and growth as a team member, colleague, and leader, then we should all consider adopting them."
Greg Devereaux
Managing partner, Worthington Partners; retired CEO of San Bernardino County, California & city manager of Ontario, California
"Jacob has the unique ability to connect with his audience through his story of triumph and gratitude, reminding us of how we all impact the lives of everyone around us and the critical importance of our role in service to others. His story of resilience serves as an inspirational roadmap for our own personal and professional growth and success."
Victoria Sparhawk
Director of Marketing, Argus West Investigative Services
"The story of his life and experiences with those he credits as helping him in his journey is remarkable. He inspires us to see when life throws a curve, we should roll with it and work hard to be the best we can be. Challenges may arise, but one can overcome any hurdle with the right attitude and with the support of humankind."
Carolyn Richard
General Manager, COSIPA

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Jacob works with Human Insight to provide organizations with the AEM-Cube assessment and leadership development training program.

The AEM-Cube is a globally implemented strategic assessment tool that helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve their desired strategic outcomes. Both in helping individuals identify their innate preference for delivering performance and in visualizing and predicting the strategic dynamics within a team or organization, the AEM-Cube consistently delivers practical, measurable results.

Below is a short video to learn more about the AEM-Cube and the impact the assessment is having on improving performance and creating resilient teams.

If you would like more information about the AEM-Cube or are interested in helping your team enhance performance, please contact Jacob by clicking the button below.